The Interphone Study


The coordination of the International Study and the national data collection in Europe and Israel is funded by the European Union (Quality of Life Programme under contract number QLK4-1999-01563) and the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC). Funding has also been obtained by national and local investigators in Europe and elsewhere from national and local funding bodies (for a complete list please see Interphone final report).

The UICC received funds for this purpose from the Mobile Manufacturers Forum (MMF) and Groupe Speciale Mobile Association (GSMA). Provision of funds to the INTERPHONE study investigators via the UICC was governed by agreements that guaranteed INTERPHONE's complete scientific independence. The following provisions ensure the scientific independence of the conduct, analysis and reporting of the INTERPHONE study:

  • The partial funds provided by the MMF/GSMA to the UICC complement funds received from non-commercial sources including the European Union and national and local research funding organisations.
  • The UICC retains full responsibility for the scientific oversight and the use of these funds, as well as the financial management of these funds.
  • The INTERPHONE International Study Group as a whole is responsible for the progress of the study, the choice of analyses to be conducted, and the interpretation and publications of results. All the decisions about the study are made exclusively by the INTERPHONE International Study Group.
  • The funders of the INTERPHONE Study do not have access to any results of the INTERPHONE Study before their publication. They may, however, be informed, together with representatives from other concerned organisations such as consumers' groups, a maximum of seven days before the publication of the results, under strict terms of confidentiality.